Manage More - Audit Less

Manage compliance proactively.

Reduced Operating Costs

Lower costs with efficient compliance management.

Compliance Assurance

From design to operation to reporting – we have compliance covered every step of the way.

Compliance Simplified

Take the mystery out of compliance.

Production Data Quality

More than just compliant, we ensure your production data is accurate.

Time Sensitive Compliance Support

Support and expertise for your immediate compliance needs.

Compliance Concerns?

We Have Solutions

Compliance Requirements

“I’m not sure what our regulatory requirements are, where do I start?”

The start is easy.  Click the ‘Contact Us” button and let us take it from there!  Our proprietary EPAP Compliance Management Manuals (ECMM) quickly and efficiently provide detailed FACILITY SPECIFIC requirements to manage all EPAP themes.

Processes and Controls

“We don’t have any documented processes or controls, now what?”

No Problem.  We come prepared with a complete library of compliant business processes and controls, ready to implement.  These processes are designed to ensure that regulatory and EPAP requirements are being met.

Documentation Requirements

“What documentation do I need to keep to meet audit compliance?”

Proper documentation is an essential part of a well managed compliance program. We bring all the maintenance report templates required to ensure your measurement systems are maintained and documented in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Compliance Reporting

“I don’t know our current level of compliance.”

Our monthly compliance reporting system provides insight into your current level of compliance and detailed deficiency identification.  Know where you stand today and where you need to be tomorrow.

EPAP Declarations

“Does managing our compliance include our annual EPAP declaration”

Facility and company level KPI tracking is used to complete the annual EPAP declarations.


“How does EPAP and regulatory compliance add value to my company?”

We manage compliance in balance with risk, to ensure you have a compliance program that is efficient and meets the requirements of the regulator AND your business.

Let’s manage more, and audit less!

Proactive VS Reactive Compliance

Nobody likes surprises, especially management. Nobody likes delivering surprises to management, especially non-compliance surprises. We take the surprise out of compliance.


Utilizing specially designed measurement compliance tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) we track and provide regular reports on your level of compliance with regulatory measurement requirements.  These reports quickly identify which areas of compliance are working and which require attention.   By being proactive we can address and manage deficiencies quickly and ahead of your annual compliance declaration. More compliant EPAP declarations. No surprises.


Why is it so important to be proactive?

Clearly define compliance requirements

Identify compliance issues quickly

Assess and manage compliance risks

Track and report on compliance KPIs

Management is kept up to speed = no surprises at declaration time

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We Are Measurement Professionals

Leave Compliance To Us

Industry Experience

Providing Compliance and Regulatory services to Western Canada for over 15 years.


Our reputation as the industry leader in compliance speaks for itself.

Our results speak even louder.

When compliance increases, your operating costs decrease.

Strategic Management

We balance compliance requirements with business objectives. Utilizing a proactive approach removes the guesswork and reduces the risk of last minute audits or non-compliance surprises. Monthly compliance reports help keep you on track.


Align your measurement operation, accounting and reporting processes into a streamlined and effective management system.

Out Of The Box Compliance

Our complete library of regulatory compliance standards mean you have the right documents when you need them.


A full compliment of services to manage every aspect of measurement and EPAP compliance.

  • Measurement Coordinators manage compliance and exemptions and ensure that all processes meet regulatory standards.
  • Field Measurement Technicians manage operations.
  • Measurement Administrators manage documentation and scheduling.

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